Rubber Tiles Pay Attention To Maintenance And Maintenance

For rubber tiles, people should be no stranger to the application of rubber tiles are also more, and can play a very good role. But need to pay attention to is to regularly clean up to extend its use of life.

Specific cleaning of rubber tiles is as follows:

If the rubber tiles on the dust, we can carefully clean the dust, and then dragged with a mop, if there are more difficult to deal with the grease, we remember not to use steel ball wipe, although the hardness of the steel ball is relatively high, rub more clean, But the rubber tiles are damaged, so try not to use steel balls, with ordinary cloth stained with a soft detergent and warm water can be wiped, if the rubber mats stained with rubber, chocolate, oil and other stains, you can use liquor Or the same solvent for cleaning; if it is stained with chalk, crayons and holes and other stains, you can use alcohol for cleaning; if it is stained with chewing gum, candles and other stains, wrapped in a plastic film on the stains, The

All over the country large and small rubber mat manufacturers countless, rubber mat manufacturers choose not to worry about, because in fact the current situation, this rubber mat has been very common for consumers can be found in the market On a variety of rubber mat is also everything, color size can be purchased in accordance with their own requirements. And the current situation, the rubber mat to become a lot of people choose difficult, some companies are not very understanding of the pavement material purchase points, do not know how to choose a good product, in fact, these are not very difficult, as long as Through the proper way to buy products, generally do not have a big problem.

On the price of rubber mat is also concerned about the issue, and now the overall price of the product is more affordable, as long as it is to find a good production enterprises are able to get cheaper prices. Now there are rubber mats around the production enterprises, then the choice of production enterprises when it is necessary to pay some more, because now a lot of small rubber mat production enterprises do not very good, can not achieve a wear and tear durable Effect. With the development of the economy, the progress of science and technology, more and more people began to pay attention to health, "green" concept enjoys popular support, talking about environmental protection, living environment is the most important work, we know that now everyone Is very important to environmental protection, and the new pavement rubber mat is a more environmentally friendly products.

Rubber mats green was respected, but the kind of pavement materials in the course of the use should also pay attention to maintenance, especially in the course of the process should be strictly not to let the vehicle rolling the mat, pay attention to maintenance and maintenance to ensure the use of mats life.

Rubber floor tiles is a new type of functional ground pavement material, produced by the recovery of rubber particles, environmentally friendly non-toxic without stimulation, color and diverse, free puzzle, rubber floor wear and tear, smooth and smooth surface, Feet comfort, physical and mental relaxation.