Rubber Sheet Sealing Performance Is Better

First, look at the appearance of Rubber Sheet quality. First look at the color, color Rubber Sheet plate color golden yellow, whole body translucent, carbonized Rubber Sheet plate is bronze or brown, color uniform and glossy. With moderate hardness, acid and alkali properties. Can be in the temperature of -30 ~ +60 º 20% between the acid (alkali) liquid work. Uses: can be used for punching a variety of acid and alkali requirements of the better sealing performance of the gasket.

    Second, check the quality of Rubber Sheet paint. The floor placed in the light benefits to see whether the surface of the bubble, pitting, orange peel phenomenon, look at the paint is rich, full, smooth. For example, the surface of the plate in the purple, for high pressure plate for sale. Therefore, the purchase in addition to check the appearance of quality, the main determination of a tensile strength can be. In the transverse direction of the plate, intercept 200mm × 20mm sample 3, in the Rally test, you can understand whether it is shoddy, cut corners.

  Third, the inherent quality of the Rubber Sheet plate First look at the material can be used hand and eye view, if the floor in the hands of light, insulating Rubber Sheet that is used tender bamboo; if the eye view of the blurred texture, indicating that the bamboo is not fresh, Is the older bamboo. Nitrile Rubber Sheet has excellent resistance to fuel oil and aromatic solvents and other properties, but not resistant to ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons and other media, so oil seal products to use nitrile Rubber Sheet-based.

Fourth, the concept of whether the structure of the Rubber Sheet plate symmetrical balance from the Rubber Sheet plate at both ends of the cross-section, whether to meet the principle of symmetrical balance, if the structure is stable.

  5, to see the Rubber Sheet sheet of the floor layer and the glue between the layers is tight with both hands breaking, whether there will be layered. Silicone Rubber Sheet has a high resistance to high and low temperature, ozone resistance and weather resistance, in the -70 ℃ ~ +260 ℃ operating temperature range to maintain its unique use of elasticity and resistance to ozone, weather and so a little, suitable for the production of thermal institutions In the required gasket, such as strong light source shade seal lining, valve pads and so on.

 Rubber Sheet production process of waste water, both can be used to irrigate farmland, raising shrimp fish, but also as a liquid fertilizer - biological preservation experts Professor Wang Xiangqian two invention patents, so that troubled Rubber Sheet industry more than 100 years of the problem has been solve. The experiment and industrial production of Jubao Rubber Sheet Factory in Chengxing Town, Chengmai County, Hainan Island show that the technology has achieved "zero emissions" of Rubber Sheet production wastewater.

Rubber Sheet is an important industrial raw materials, but also an indispensable strategic material. But for more than 100 years, the world's Rubber Sheet factory commonly used ammonia fresh plastic latex, and then solidified with formic acid or sulfuric acid to do glue, not only toxic to the human body, in the Rubber Sheet production process generated a large number of pollutants, back to environmental protection Has brought great pressure, but also caused the Rubber Sheet dry content reduction, quality decline.

Rubber Sheet and plastic board in the application of noise:

1, construction, the face of the city's vehicles continue to increase, so many people in life there are a lot of noise, when the insulation material insulation effect can have a good realization, to block part of the noise, for people Life to provide more quiet.

2, the pipeline, used in high-rise buildings in some of the pipeline, almost all one, so if the upstairs water to stay downstairs will be able to hear very clearly, so life will be affected, increase the Rubber Sheet insulation board The use of the red and can solve this problem.

3, the elevator shaft, the use of it can be a good isolation from the elevator when the operation of the sound, so to avoid the impact on the household