Rubber Matting Saving Installation Costs, Easy To Clean Up

For the use of the process, the beef cattle farms are generally directly on the cattle bed Rubber Matting pad laying in the cattle bed, so that is mainly to save installation costs, easy to clean up, but after the beef tread on the prone to cattle bed Rubber Matting pad shift, so experts advise , Should be for different cattle homes and the ground environment, the design of different installation programs, in order to achieve the rational use of cattle bed Rubber Matting pad effect.

Directly to the Rubber Matting pad tiles can save installation costs, easy to clean up, but by trampling prone to Rubber Matting pad shift, it should be for different use of the environment and the ground situation, the design of different installation programs, in order to achieve the Rubber Matting pad Reasonable use of the effect.

 Rubber Matting Matting has excellent anti-skid performance, but with its own material is not the most important key, non-slip performance for the place, the product material and functional design is very important to consider today, we aimed at a Rubber Matting Matting Coil products are introduced.

Rubber Matting pad product design, the first mold of the initial consideration must be inseparable from the actual factors of production considerations. Whether the product structure is easy to mold, after all, this product is also not fully automated production. After considering the production point of view, is the main shape of the structure, material and formula for the composition of the idea. Material structure determines the product in different places need to have what special advantages. Such as the traditional commercial kitchen, especially the hotel, hotel kitchen, especially to solve the drainage, anti-skid, oil such needs. Recipe when the composition should also consider for different places, whether there is odor requirements. General customers may feel that Rubber Matting pad production should first consider is tasteless, it is not true. Tasteless product formulations, in particular, should pay attention to the main materials and materials all environmental protection, such as new plastic to complete. The relative cost is higher, but some places slightly have some smell acceptable, they pay more attention to the actual use of the product performance and price factors. So we need to consider in the design stage ahead of the Rubber Matting pad for different places, with more to the market advantage. Highlight the characteristics of our products can really seize the needs of customers.

Rubber Matting pad in the processing, storage and use of the process, due to oxygen, ozone, variable metal ions, heat, light, high energy radiation, mechanical stress and other factors and various chemical substances and fungi erosion and destruction, The original performance gradually changes, and then lose the use of value. For example, the Rubber Matting becomes soft and sticky, harden and brittle, cracked, physical and mechanical properties, elasticity deterioration, electrical insulation performance, resulting in relaxation, this phenomenon is known as the aging of Rubber Matting.

The following are the main factors for the aging of Rubber Matting pads:

1, oxygen in the Rubber Matting pad with the Rubber Matting molecules free radical chain reaction, molecular chain fracture or excessive cross-linking, causing changes in Rubber Matting properties. Oxidation is one of the important reasons for the aging of Rubber Matting.

2, the chemical activity of ozone is much higher than oxygen, more destructive, it is also the molecular chain fracture, but the role of ozone on the Rubber Matting deformation with the Rubber Matting or not different. When used as a deformed Rubber Matting (mainly unsaturated Rubber Matting), there is a crack that is perpendicular to the direction of the stress, the so-called "ozone cracking"; when the Rubber Matting is deformed, only the oxide film is formed on the surface without cracking.

3, to improve the temperature can cause Rubber Matting thermal cracking or thermal crosslinking. But the basic role of heat or activation. Increase the rate of oxygen diffusion and activation of oxidation, thereby accelerating the rate of oxidation of Rubber Matting, which is a common phenomenon of aging - thermal aging.

4, the shorter the light, the greater the energy. The damage to the Rubber Matting is the high energy of ultraviolet light. In addition to UV can directly lead to the Rubber Matting molecular chain of the fracture and cross-linking, the Rubber Matting due to the absorption of light energy generated free radicals, trigger and accelerate the oxidation chain reaction process. UV light plays the role of heating. The other characteristic of the light action (unlike the thermal effect) is that it is mainly in the Rubber Matting surface. High rate of plastic samples, both sides will appear reticular cracks, the so-called "light outside the split."

5, under the action of repeated mechanical stress, Rubber Matting molecules will break the formation of free radicals, triggering oxidation chain reaction, the formation of chemical process. Mechanical fracture molecular chain and mechanical activation oxidation process. Which can prevail, depending on the conditions in which it is located. In addition, under the action of stress easily lead to ozone cracking.

6, the role of water there are two aspects: the Rubber Matting in the humid air rain or soak in the water, easy to damage, this is due to the Rubber Matting in the water-soluble substances and water groups and other ingredients are dissolved by water. Hydrolysis or absorption and other causes. Especially in the water immersion and atmospheric exposure of the alternating effect, will accelerate the destruction of Rubber Matting. But in some cases the moisture can not damage the role of Rubber Matting, and even delay the role of aging.

7, the role of the Rubber Matting there are chemical medium, variable metal ions, high-energy radiation, electricity and biological.