Rubber Matting More And More Widely Used

Rubber Matting What is the difference between a silicone pad and a rubber pad? In the use of silicone pads, we use different environmental occasions, so for some occasions we have a different application of silicone and rubber, and the use of the effect and characteristics are also different. And silicone products is also a kind of rubber products in the species, the difference between silicone and rubber is toxic and non-toxic use, both burning silica gel burning will not fire it is burning when the smoke is white, rubber burning when the smoke is black, Pungent is black, there is a very strong taste. The following are the same as the

Now the use of raw materials are used silicone products are non-toxic environmentally friendly synthetic rubber and natural rubber. Synthetic rubber neoprene, butadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber and so on. The natural rubber structure is a polymer, rubber in the external bending caused by deformation, can quickly restore, have good chemical stability and mechanical properties. It has a good softness, can be used in some high and low temperature conditions, and rubber products for low temperature applications less than the use of silicone products, in many ways now we have chosen to replace the rubber products with silicone products seat.

 Rubber mat is a natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other polymer materials made of a mat product, mainly used in kindergarten, school playground, gymnasium, fitness venues, villas and other ground laying. Rubber Matting have a variety of colors, decorated with it after the ground, not only has a certain flexibility, feel more comfortable, but also very beautiful, in recent years in China has been more and more widely used.

Rubber pad effect:

Protect the knee, prevent slipping, like natural lawns, relatively soft and flexible with specially designed Rubber Matting.

Surface: The surface has a non-slip pattern

Elasticity: not particularly soft, but not as hard as cement, like a natural grass

Kind, flexible, so dairy cattle whether standing or bed, can give the knee full protection, at the same time with a non-slip function.