Rubber Matting Good Chemical Stability And Mechanical Properties

Rubber products are now commonly used in our industrial manufacturing, auto parts agricultural and industrial manufacturing above, in the production process due to rubber elastic force can not be consumed, the product has unstable hardness shrink, after a period of time to stabilize the buffer,Rubber Matting so in The production of mold with the calculation and calculation should be careful, or prone to adverse conditions, and rubber and silica gel contrast, the performance of rubber is often no silicone products, silicone used in the family, in the use of food, are very much in line with a lot Friends demand, and rubber for many friends,Rubber Matting there is a smell of toxic substances, rarely used in life, so now the basic use of rubber products for some industrial manufacturing, because the silicone rubber relative to the high price, but in the same The use of performance which, or choose rubber material.

Now the use of raw materials are used silicone products are non-toxic environmentally friendly synthetic rubber and natural rubber. Synthetic rubber neoprene, butadiene rubber,Rubber Matting styrene butadiene rubber and so on. The structure of natural rubber is high polymer, rubber deformation by the external zigzag deformation, can quickly restore, have good chemical stability and mechanical properties. It has a very good softness,Rubber Matting can be used in some high and low temperature conditions, and rubber products for low temperature applications less than the use of silicone products, in many ways now we have chosen to replace the rubber products with silicone products seat.