Rubber Matting Easy Maintenance, Easy To Replace

Rubber Matting are divided into natural Rubber Matting and synthetic Rubber Matting. Natural rubber is itself in the natural existence, and then through the processing and then applied to life. Synthetic rubber mat is made by people according to some of the features of natural rubber, through chemical studies, and then made of Rubber Matting. At present the market of synthetic rubber varieties are neoprene pad, styrene butadiene rubber pad. Synthetic rubber pad production has now greatly exceeded the natural rubber pad, by the market's strong welcome.

Silicone rubber has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, oxidation resistance, but also has a good electrical insulation, but the tensile strength than the average rubber is not good and no oil resistance. Silicone rubber for ozone and oxide erosion has excellent resistance, it is not recommended that he use in household appliances, microwave ovens, irons, electric kettle and other rubber parts in the production.

Fluorine rubber is because the molecule contains fluorine molecules of rubber, his high temperature performance is better than silicone rubber, but poor cold resistance. It can be used in temperatures below 250 ° C, but is superior to his poor solvent resistance, and is not recommended for use in ketones, low molecular weight lipids and mixtures containing nitrates. Natural rubber is made from the rubber tree collection, with good wear resistance and high flexibility, tear strength and elongation are poor and so on. Natural rubber is the production of tape, hose, rubber shoes for the production of materials, for the production of shock absorber parts, in the car brake oil, ethanol and other hydrogen with the liquid used in the product.

Rubber pad has the function of ordinary bearing, but also has the advantages of simple structure, easy installation of rubber pad; saving steel, low price; easy maintenance, easy to replace and so on, and rubber pad construction height is low, the bridge design and reduce the cost Useful.

  The rubber mat is made of multi-layer rubber sheet and thin steel plate. There is sufficient vertical stiffness to compress the vertical load, the reaction force of the upper structure can be reliably transmitted to the pier, rubber pads have good flexibility to adapt to the rotation of the beam end; there are large shear deformation to meet Horizontal displacement of the upper structure. In the beam end of the role of force through the rubber pad surface rubber layer to adjust the center of the force center, and gradually spread the rubber plate to the rubber plate and rubber layer, the rubber pad force evenly, especially for skew bridge, Overpass and other slope of the bridge, a good isolation effect, can reduce the live load and seismic force on the impact of the building.

Rubber pads are usually made of a rectangular or round block as a whole, and some users need to reinforce the rubber pad on the bolt. I for these users, the rubber pad can be processed into a bolt hole structure, easy to use the user fixed pad.

The rubber mat is made of a multi-layer rubber sheet vulcanized and bonded to an ordinary rubber bearing product which has sufficient vertical rigidity to reliably transmit the reaction force of the upper structure of the pad to the pier and the like, Good elasticity to cope with the rotation of the bridge beam ends; and greater shear deformation capacity to meet the horizontal displacement of the upper structure.