Rubber Gasket

Gaskets natural rubber, natural rubber, natural rubber flange gaskets. What are the chemical components of natural rubber effect? Natural rubber is a natural polymer, in addition to mainly composed of rubber hydrocarbon, also contains non-rubber parts about 10% (BU I, see table). These non-rubber part has its role, now introduced as follows.

(]) Of acetone extractives Yam extract primarily composed of fatty acids and

Solid alcohols. Fatty acid is a sulfur activator, you can promote curing.

Solid drink and some reducing substance you have to prevent the effects of aging.

(2) water soluble and water soluble substance is mainly acid water and Yung er great plasticity and water absorption effect on rubber, so for waterproofing products and insulation rubber products to pay attention to effect of water soluble. In addition, there are high molecular weight ethers of fatty acids or fatty acids, you can take it with alcohol-alkali solution.

(3) ash ash is mainly inorganic salts, such as calcium, magnesium,

Metal salts such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, and micro disk of copper and manganese, which has

Rubber aging effects. Former salt left in the LaTeX solidification in whey,So less ash in the ash content in rubber latex.

(4) proteins are nitrogen-containing compounds in the natural rubber proteins. Deterioration of perishable protein in rubber smell, but the protein to prevent the effects of aging, if removing the protein, the rubber will speed up the aging process. Of basic nitrogen in proteins and alcohol-soluble protein quality and promoting the role of vulcanization. because of protein absorption is not conducive to the manufacture of insulating rubber product