Foam Rubber Sheet Has A High Resistance To High And Low Temperature, Ozone Resistance

First, look at the appearance of Foam Rubber Sheet quality. First look color, color rubber plate color golden yellow, whole body translucent, carbonized rubber plate is bronze or brown, uniform color and glossy feeling. With moderate hardness, acid and alkali properties. Can be in the temperature of -30 ~ +60 º 20% between the acid (alkali) liquid work. Uses: can be used for punching a variety of acid and alkali requirements of the better sealing performance of the gasket.

Second, check the quality of Foam Rubber Sheet paint. The floor placed in the light benefits to see whether the surface of the bubble, pitting, orange peel phenomenon, look at the paint is rich, full, smooth. For example, the surface of the pressure plate with purple, high pressure plate for sale. Therefore, the purchase in addition to check the appearance of quality, the main determination of a tensile strength can be. In the transverse direction of the plate, intercept 200mm × 20mm sample 3, in the tensile machine test, you can understand whether it is shoddy, cut corners.

Third, the inherent quality of the rubber plate First look at the material can be used hand and eye view, if the floor in the hands of light, insulating Foam Rubber Sheet that is used tender bamboo; if the eye view of the blurred texture, indicating that the bamboo is not fresh, Is the older bamboo. Nitrile rubber has excellent resistance to fuel oil and aromatic solvents and other properties, but not resistant to ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons and other media, so oil seal products to use nitrile rubber-based.

Fourth, look at the structure of the rubber plate is symmetrical balance from the rubber plate at both ends of the cross-section, whether the principle of symmetrical balance, if the structure is stable.

5, to see the rubber floor of the floor layer and the glue between the layers is tight with both hands breaking, whether there will be layered. Silicone rubber has a high resistance to high and low temperature, ozone resistance and weather resistance, in the -70 ℃ ~ +260 ℃ operating temperature range to maintain its unique use of elasticity and resistance to ozone, weather and so a little, suitable for the production of thermal institutions In the required gasket, such as strong light source shade seal ring, valve pads and so on.

Foam Rubber Sheet, refers to the rubber as the main information, can be rich in fabric or sheet metal and other enhanced information, the vulcanization and made with a certain thickness and a larger area of sheet products. Because of the high hardness, with ductility, color and many other characteristics, the leading Foam Rubber Sheet cutting carving process by a high degree of attention. And with the laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser inkjet printer is widely used, rubber plate laser engraving machine was born, and "wind" the same speed quickly occupy the leading market of engraving machine.

Different conditions are used to choose different Foam Rubber Sheets, different process requirements using different Foam Rubber Sheet laser engraving machine. However, most of the rubber plate laser equipment are consistent with the following characteristics. First, the cutting-edge precision machinery, control technology and data transmission and other high-tech combination, is the advanced science and technology show; Second, the computer automatically control the laser engraving machine, used in the field of traditional hand-made plate, thereby improving the rubber plate Of the processing level; Finally, the equipment processing platform to increase the slope function, although the small bar code and pattern can be durable printing.

For example, the metal processing industry in the steel laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, advertising industry, there are stickers laser cutting machine, the garment industry has three-axis dynamic laser marking machine, and the same, the rubber plate The manufacturing industry also has advanced rubber plate laser engraving machine. Only after understanding and familiarity, you know how to choose the laser equipment that fits your needs.

In industrial and mining enterprises, transportation, housing construction and other industries, the use of Foam Rubber Sheet is particularly wide, can be used as a closed apron, pads, doors and windows seals, flooring and so on. Then the status of Foam Rubber Sheet is more and more important, and the same by the rubber plate engraving machine also has an increasingly important position.