Anti Fatigue Mat Reduce Physical Fatigue, Thereby Improving Work Efficiency

Anti Fatigue Mat With a strong anti-skid, soothing fatigue function. Suitable for laying in people need a long time to stand the area, can effectively reduce the long standing on the human body caused by injury, contribute to the improvement of the working environment.

Using 100% oil-resistant synthetic rubber material, anti-ultraviolet, wear-resistant, anti-skid, anti-fatigue.

The surface of the unique elastic bump design,Anti Fatigue Mat which can effectively reduce the slipping accident, and can promote the body's blood circulation, ease the long standing of the spine, joints and other strain.

The bottom is a dense anti-skid design, clutching the ground, effectively prevent the mat slide, improve the safety of the working environment.

In today's vast industrial industry, especially in the increasingly perfect electronic industry, due to labor-intensive production layout, the pursuit of efficient lean production model, are tend to abandon the seat, raise the work surface, take the operation of the operation. But with the development of society,Anti Fatigue Mat the continuous improvement of human living standards, especially after 90 after 00 will become the main force of our labor, people have not only satisfied with high income, high welfare, more pursuit of life recognition, healthy life ,happy working. So often day shift, sitting on the job has become a young generation to find one of the conditions of work!

It has been introduced into the standing mode of operation and then converted into sitting job, is very unrealistic and undesirable, the efficiency will at least lose more than 30%! So what we have to do is how to reduce and reduce the fatigue caused by standing operations; how to quickly restore fatigue, restore productivity;Anti Fatigue Mat how to reduce the standing operation and sitting operation of the fatigue difference ... ...

A, for heavy physical labor, or labor in the thermal environment, the rest time should be arranged to ensure that the work within one hour and the daily workload (energy consumption) does not exceed the maximum value (female staff for 10000-12000KJ per day) The For heavy physical work, rest time even more than working hours.

B, for the general physical or mental work,Anti Fatigue Mat should be in the morning and afternoon each have a 10-15 minutes of rest time.

C, for a high load or time pressure of the larger work (such as no waiting time of the assembly line), in the morning and afternoon to add one or two 3-5 minutes of short break time.

D, for the workers who are learning technology,Anti Fatigue Mat should be based on the degree of difficulty of the technology, give some rest time.

Install the foot tube, the work can let the feet to bear the body to focus on the body to reduce the fatigue of standing, the general use of about 25mm diameter water pipe.

Anti-fatigue pads can help employees relieve foot blood pressure, Anti Fatigue Matreduce physical fatigue, thereby improving work efficiency.

Li Zhi work fatigue, conditions permit, should provide temporary seats for workers to work between the short break. Temporary seating should not affect the free movement and operation of standing posture.

Due to the protection of the anti-fatigue belt,Anti Fatigue Mat the user can rely on the rest of the rest, and as long as the right place to find, with the use of anti-fatigue pad, people do not feel too tired thighs, so that can be maintained for a long time Focus on working mentality.