Rubber Tiles Wear, Anti-static, Not Back To Light, Hydrophobic

Rubber tiles from the two layers of different density materials, color surface layer with fine powder or fine plastic wire and a special process of coloring, the bottom is the use of coarse powder or rubber particles, made of plastic. The product overcomes the shortcomings of a variety of hard ground and floor tiles, allowing users to walk and activities always in a safe and comfortable physiological and psychological state, feet comfortable, physical and mental relaxation. With the product of the sports venues laid, not only can better play the skills of athletes, but also jump and equipment movement may cause harm to the human body to a minimum. In the elderly and children's activities place the product, can the elderly and children's safety play a good protective effect. Its greatest feature is anti-skid, shock absorption, wear, anti-static, not back to light, hydrophobic, weather resistance, anti-aging, long life.

Rubber tiles for kindergartens and elderly places of activity to help a lot, but the rubber mat is environmentally friendly is also very important reason, if the rubber tiles have rubber taste, it will affect the activities of the flow of people. Here to tell you how to choose environmentally friendly rubber tiles?

Rubber tiles can be said that each of us will be used to, like our bathroom placed in the waterproof non-slip mats, are a kind of rubber mats, rubber mats placed in the bathroom, can be a good protection in the bathroom Not because of the fall caused by the harm. Now the rubber mat is also widely used in the sports runway, of course, but also for the good protection of athletes. And when we choose rubber mats, choose its quality is essential, while environmental protection is one of the major issues.

When we choose rubber mats, we must choose a good green products, so as to be able to better protect themselves. But also do not breed too much bacteria. And we can of course choose from a lot of environmentally friendly and durable rubber mats. One is that when we choose rubber mats, we should pay attention to the raw materials of rubber mats, only raw materials can determine the quality of rubber mats and environmental performance. Second, the rubber mat can not be just important raw materials, while its auxiliary material is also very important, so when we choose to pay attention to its auxiliary materials, so as to be more assured of the use of rubber mats. Rubber mats in the production of the time must pay attention to the environment can not be affected, so the rubber mat to have a good weather resistance, so as to be able to not be damaged by the air, rubber mats but also durable, Time of the sun and rain, but also will not distribute any toxic gases, so as to be able to better ensure the safety of people.

For rubber tiles, people should be no stranger to the application of rubber tiles are also more, and can play a very good role. But need to pay attention to is to regularly clean up to extend its use of life.

Specific cleaning of rubber tiles is as follows:

If the rubber tiles on the dust, we can carefully clean the dust, and then dragged with a mop, if there are more difficult to deal with the grease, we remember not to use steel ball wipe, although the hardness of the steel ball is relatively high, rub more clean, But the rubber tiles are damaged, so try not to use steel balls, with ordinary cloth stained with a soft detergent and warm water can be wiped, if the rubber mats stained with rubber, chocolate, oil and other stains, you can use liquor Or the same solvent for cleaning; if it is stained with chalk, crayons and holes and other stains, you can use alcohol for cleaning; if it is stained with chewing gum, candles and other stains, wrapped in a plastic film on the stains, and then carefully scratched The