SBR Foam Sheet

SBR Foam Sheet
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SBR Foam Sheet(HDM070)

SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) foam definitely has ordinary attributes of rubber foam, also has excellent inoxidizability, heat resistance, low-temperature interference resistance, acid resistance, especially outstanding abrasive resistance. Due to balanced physical property and wonderful performance-price ratio, SBR foam shares good market.

Our customary dimensions: 

3300 mm X 1300 X (1mm-40mm)

2000mm X 1000 X (1mm-40mm)

SBR foam laminated with fabrics

1. Neoprene, SBR, CR such foams are sold by original buns

2. Neoprene, SBR, CR such foams are sliced into sheets to sell

3. Neoprene, SBR, CR such foams, its related show material and its bag material are processed with diverse coated fabrics, embossment, punching to sell

4. Variety of  laminated fabrics such as terylene, nycon-jersey, short mercerized, long mercerize, OK cloth, fabricated OK cloth, lycra, nylon, jacquard, garment cloth, velvet, non-woven fabrics, spandex, towelling.