NBR Yoga Mat

NBR Yoga Mat
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NBR Yoga Mat(HDM074)

1. NBR/PVC is a kind of blended foamed material, both has thermoplastic tensile strength, and thermosetting rubber flexible resilience.

2. Vibration resistance, buffering, antislip.

3. Surficial wave-shape embossment, cosy sense of touch, smooth unfolding.

4. Outstanding heat preservation, effective damp resistance.

5. Reinforced foam skins result in being durable.

6. Fire retarded, high-temperature resistance, acid-alkali resistance, nonpoisonous, no smell.

7. Light weight, easy folding and unfolding, small volume, good-looking, portable, usable both sides.


1. 1830mm*600mm*15mm

2. 1830mm*600mm*10mm